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Berkshire’s Got Talent Success!

On Saturday 16th April, I won first place in the Queen’s Oak’s “Berkshire’s Got Talent” event! I am really pleased to have won this competition and the fantastic prizes.

The evening consisted of eight acts – mostly musicians, but there was a spectacular magician, Dean Leavy, who almost won, and in my opinion, he deserved to get a good reward too! Another act, who deserved a mention too, was Emma and her bassist, Steve! They were really good and they’ve got a gig at the Queen’s Oak soon!

My slot went down really well, with a HUGE sing along as my finale, with an extra 4 encores at the end! I was really amazing and honored to receive such a big hand and a good audience! The prizes are: A gig at the Queen’s Oak on the 30th July, a 3-track CD to be made for me, a filmed music video of one of the track and a cute trophy for me too!

Look out for everything coming soon!


A Royal Success!

Last night I played at the Royal Oak pub in Yateley, my first proper gig in front of a live audience! I have to say that it was a fantastic night! Although, yes, there was a number of mistakes, I hope the bigger numbers made up for it and for a first gig I think it went down really well!

Pictures and a video or two to follow, but thank you to everyone who provided me with things or came to support me!


Unplugthewood is a great place to be on a Tuesday evening! If you’ve got an acoustic instrument, bring it down to the The Lion Brewery in Ash for an open mic and jam session. Easy to read chords and lyrics are projected on to a big screen and you can play along with around 30 other musicians who’ve all come for a great night of fun! Mid-way through the jam, there is an open mic slot where anybody is welcome to either get some performance practice or build confidence in front of a friendly audience. 8 o’clock until around 11 in the evening. I’ve been there the last two Tuesday’s and unfortunately I cannot go again for a while, but one day I’ll hope to see you down there!