Matthew Quilliam and his Ukuleles is a light hearted adventure through the more nonsensical side of music from the past few decades! George Formby with his cheeky lyrics, to Madness with crazy ideas, through to Barry Manilow, the king of cheese, and a trip  to Italy with Joe Dolce! Then there are some more serious pieces to break up the action and some random numbers that one wouldn’t normally hear on a ukulele: Kraftwerk, jazz or Bill Haley for example…

The act has the same feel and presentation in whatever scenario it may be, but sometimes the songs can be tailored for special occasions! There is a special set for birthdays, for example, as well as a focus on specific eras – music hall/skiffle, classical, 1980’s, movies or modern day! The most fun is had, though, when everything is mixed up!

Matthew can specialise in:

  • George Formby
  • Instrumental virtuoso playing
  • Songs from particular eras, so long as they fit the style of the performance
  • Sing a longs

Full repertoire includes:

  • Bernard Cribbins
  • George Formby
  • Flanagan & Allen
  • Music hall and skiffle
  • Madness
  • Lonnie Donnagon
  • Classic 80’s songs
  • Cheesy songs/songs everybody knows but nobody expects 😉
  • Solo instrumental playing

Matthew does pub gigs, birthday parties, weddings, festivals and more and the performances work best in 40 minute sets – either two installments of 40 minutes with a half-hour break, or a single set. This is of course only a recommendation and performances can be tailored to suit individual needs. Matthew is based in Yateley, Hampshire, but trips further afield are possible. Please enquire on the contact page to make a booking.
“…highly talented and a great laugh…”
“…an act that is full of fun, laughter and tears…”
“…my new hero!”
“…I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t know it would be THAT good!”
“…who could possibly beat that?!”

Previous performance credits include Isle of Wight Ukulele Festival 2016, 2014 Gig on the Green Yateley, Camberley Theatre, Berkshire’s Got Talent, frequent Unplugthewood open mic and jam sessions, and the Ukulele Society of Great Britain.
Matthew has also received a music scholarship award at Farnborough Sixth Form

Other interests include movie production and has made several feature length films and music videos too. He runs a school band called the Not-so Acoustic Group which give performances twice a year at the school concerts. Matthew has played alongside Andy Eastwood and Mike Krabbers amongst other big ukulele names and he has even had a go on George Formby’s original banjolele!

Some videos:

More videos on the VIDEOS page


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