Below is a list of all Matthew’s notable credits.

Played at:

Gig on the Green, Yateley 2013
Isle of Wight Ukulele Festival 2016
Ukulele Society of Great Britain 2014
Wokingham Music Club
Unplugthewood (Frequent Performer) 2015 onwards
Matthew has played in America, France, Germany, The Canary Islands and Poland 2012 – 2016

Performed (acting, dancing or spoken) at:

Aspect Dance Festival 2014
Camberley Theatre 2012 – 2014, 2016
South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell at ‘Listen Up’ Fayre

Played with or supported:

Andy Eastwood 2016
Mike Krabbers/The Hedge Inspectors 2016
Pete Lincoln 2017
Lily Rose 2015

Other music:

Musical Director for School Production, July 2015
Scored and directed music for 4 feature length movies 2014 – 2016
Written and composed an original musical, due to open 2017/2018
Co-directed 2 school music competitions
Runs and directs the Not-So Acoustic Ensemble, 2016 onwards
Completed 2 music videos as of 2017
Award Music Scholarship with the Royal Academy of Music at Farnborough College

Qualifications and Awards:

Holder of 11 GCSE’s including a Grade 9 English, A* in Geography and A in Music
Grade 3 Bass Guitar Playing, grade 4 coming soon, Pass 2016
Grade 3 Tap Dance, Merit 2015
Grade 4 Tap Dance, Merit (2 marks off distinction!) 2017
7 1/4 ” Gauge Society Bronze Award 2011
Junior Tap Dancer Trophee for Frogmore School of Dance 2014
Won Berkshire’s Got Talent 2016
Grade 5 Music Theory coming soon…