Great Uke Links

I’ve assembled below a great array of useful links that will take you to places that can help you on your ukulele based adventure throughout life. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an expert who needs to find something new, there’s something here for everybody to enjoy!

I’ve also made a list of personal favourites towards the bottom too. I’ve think these players are the best of the bunch and there are other useful things in there too.

Chords and Music
Ukulele Chord Chart in C:
Ukulele Chord Chart in D:

My Favourite Ukulele Players
George Formby: – If it weren’t for George’s music, I wouldn’t have carried on the uke beyond a few lessons at school. I find his style so engaging and I know a good 80% of his songs off by heart. He is an idol of mine and I will always be a fan of his.
Andy Eastwood:  – Ukulele virtuoso, especially good at George Formby. Also plays piano, violin, electric guitar and sings.
The Ukulele Orchestra of GB: – The best ukulele ensemble you’ll ever see, combining great musicianship with unpredictable humour and music!
Jake Shimabukuro: – Arugably the greatest ukulele player alive to date. Check him out and always take an opportunity to see him live if possible.
Jukebox Jazz: Isle of Wight based band who play old skiffle and jazz. Worth a look.
Peter Moss: – A truly great ukulele player who really knows his stuff. He is great to watch and is also a good ukulele tutor for those wanting a bit more than basic four chord songs.
Aldrine Guerrero: – Writes beautiful ukulele music and songs that are popular everywhere he plays. He is most famous for running Ukulele Underground, a site where you can learn the uke at any level.
Krabbers: – Quirky sense of humour, friendly, approachable and runs Unplugthewood open mic and jam. Ukulelezaza: – Uke virtuoso specializing in melodic pieces on vintage Martin soprano ukuleles. To hear him live is a treat to the ears.
Ukulele Mike: – A brilliant online tutor and in my opinion, one of the best out there.

Clubs and Meetings
The Ukulele Society of GB: – THE place to be twice a year where you can meet up with uke players from anywhere and everywhere.
Ukulele Underground: – A great and friendly place to learn ukulele. Play along to the easy-to-read and live music playing on screen and get better with your timing and rhythms.
Unplugthewood: Open Mic and Jam session, not strictly ukuleles.
The George Formby Society: – THE place to be to celebrate the life and music of the late and great George Formby.
Branches of the Formby Society: – For those who do not live near Blackpool and cannot reach the main conventions

Blasts from the Past/Ukulele legends who have sadly passed away
(These people do/did not have their own websites so some link maybe prove insufficient to demonstrate who they really were.)
George Formby: – The greatest ukulele player who ever lived who has infinitely left his mark on the ukulele. One cannot underestimate the genius that was George Formby.
Billy ‘Uke’ Scott: – The first British ukulele virtuoso. He was the man who proved the uke wasn’t just a silly “toy”, but it could really be used as a serious instrument to play any melody.
Roy Smeck: – An American virtuoso who took ukulele playing to a brand new level. Known as the “Wizards of the Strings” he was also a master of the guitar, banjo and steel guitar.
Ukulele Ike: – Aka Cliff Edwards and the voice of Jiminy Cricket, he was a sensation on the silver screen and used the uke to ‘jazz up’ old pop tunes of his time.

Buy a Ukulele!
Southern Ukulele Store: – some of the most knowledgeable ukulele experts on the planet in their small but packed shop in Bournemouth. Expert advice and excellent ukuleles!
Andy Eastwood’s Ukulele Market: – Want a high quality banjo uke? Look no further than the safe hands of Any Eastwood with his online store that provides only the best ukuleles to anybody who wants a good deal!
The Ukulele Man: – Similar to the Uke Market above, only this time run by John Croft, ex-chairman and president of the George Formby Society. Again, anything you buy from him is guaranteed to be of excellent quality