My Instruments

This is the fun part! Below I shall list all the instruments (mostly ukuleles) I own and give a little bit of background into each other them. They are all different to each other and all have different sounds that I use them for.


Size: Tenor
Tuning: GCEA
Brand: Diana
Use: Main instrument for strumming


Size: Tenor
Tuning: GCEA (low G)
Brand: Kala
Use: Main instrument for picking


Size: Concert Scale Banjo uke
Tuning: GCEA
Brand: Dallas
Use: Fast and loud performances and George Formby songs


Size: Concert
Tuning: GCEA
Brand: Noah
Use: Spare

Size: Sopranino
Tuning: A#D#GC
Brand: Tom
Use: Light Weight Travel

Royal Oak Gig Poster

Size: Baritone
Tuning: DGBE
Brand: Kokio
Use: Occasional on songs in low registers

American Ukulele

Size: Soprano
Tuning: ADF#B
Brand: Lanikai
Use: Occasional