My Instruments

(Needs updating, coming soon)

This is the fun part! Below I shall list all the instruments (mostly ukuleles) I own and give a little bit of background into each other them. They are all different to each other and I love them all to bits.

Kala Tenor Archtop

2013 Kala Tenor Archtop

Size: Tenor
Tuning: GCEA/FA#D#G
Brand: Kala

This was my first ukulele and my main instrument, mostly because it is the only one that has a pick up installed. This ukulele is popular among many artists which is an indication of this instrument being a very nice player! Unlike most ukes and guitars, this has classical violin ‘F’ holes which make it look and sound unique.

Dallas C

1940’s Dallas C

Size: Concert Scale Banjo uke
Tuning: GCEA
Brand: Dallas

This is my pride and joy of my banjo ukuleles (also known as banjoleles). This particular model has been signed by the famous George Formby’s brother, Ted, although the name of the previous owner of the uke is illegible. It suffered some problems with the strings at first but with a bit of TLC, everything is sorted and it plays really well. I don’t know how much of it is original but the signature makes it unique and a pleasure to own.

Noah Mahongany Concert

2015 Noah Mahogany Concert

Size: Concert
Tuning: GCEA
Brand: Noah

A nice little instrument – this is a solid ukulele hand made in Vietnam. You could say it has an odd shape but I quite like it. The sound is spot on and I really enjoy playing it. I do find that the neck is a little bit too thin for comfortable playing and that was at first quite a serious problem for me, as well as the action being too high. It is now a backup uke in case anything goes wrong! :/

Maya Ukulele

2014 Tom TUP-200

Size: Sopranino
Tuning: A#D#GC
Brand: Tom

The most different sounding uke in the collection, and also the smallest. This ukulele was purchased on eBay for £22.50 and I have no regrets. You can hear it’s sharpness and pelting sound here:
Because this ukulele is smaller than a soprano, I am able to put it in a rucksack and take it anywhere I like. It has come with me on many school trips, allowing me to entertain my peers on the coach and at meal times! It has been to America, France, Poland, the Canaries, Wales and Geermany.

Kokio Baritone

2015 Kokio Baritone

Size: Baritone
Tuning: DGBE
Brand: Kokio

This ukulele was very kindly given to me by the Southern Ukulele Store. Being my only baritone, it gets a lot of use when I need the deeper uke sound. My father has even taken a liking to it and has taught himself the baritone uke with a few simple chords. The action may be slightly high for my liking, it is great fun and gives a nice addition to my possible range of sounds.


American Ukulele

2015 Lanikai Soprano

Size: Soprano
Tuning: GCEA
Brand: Lanikai

This ukulele is the first soprano I actually owned and the fourth uke I owned (Previously I had borrowed ukes). I bought this on my American Exchange trip with the school as a souvenir of a brilliant experience! For $35, it isn’t too bad. It has a full sound and the red colour makes it look even better! It is great for projection so it can be heard over the top of the audience singing along!


My collections has since grown, but there are no pictures yet. Stay tuned (no pun intended!) to see what else I have in my collection!