Other Projects

As well as his ukulele shows and music, Matthew is involved in a series of other projects and offers a wide range of services which include:

Music Video Production – click here to get your own made!
Bass playing – Matthew is available to join any band or soloist
Ambient Performance – ideal for a soothing background sound
Movie Scoring – a vital aspect of any film production
Ukulele Lessons – learn how to start playing, or develop your skills further
Band work – Matthew is preparing a number of different bands that will be available for performance within the year

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Music Video Production

Matthew has been producing amateur movies for five years, writing, directing, editing, scoring and releasing the entire film from start to finish. With over 20 productions already in the catalogue, Matthew is now available to make YOU your very own high quality music video. All you have to do is fill in the form below and he will be in touch shortly after to discuss the further details. Music videos can be for a solo act or a large band or ensemble and locations are usually no issue!

For examples of Matthew’s previous works, see the following videos with more to be added later.

Yateley based band with their original song

Megan Lines from the film ‘Just a Minim More!’ where two local radio stations compete with live musicians

Bass Playing

As well as ukulele, Matthew plays the bass guitar and he is available should you need to assemble a band, or if you need a substitute if your regular cannot attend.

Matthew is officially at grade 4 playing standard, but he has picked up some more advanced tricks in travels. Willing to play any genre, he has his own amp and leads which means he is ready to join your setup after one or two rehearsals!

The same service is also available with ukulele.

To book, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Coming soon: Double bass and Ubass playing…

Movie Scoring

Matthew in his spare time makes movies and has recently gotten in to scoring for film. If you are filming a video project yourself and need a soundtrack to it, Matthew has a wide range of styles he can cater for and in some cases can even have a live recording made from fellow professional musicians. To hear some of his work, look below and to contact, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Ambient Performance

Although Matthew is a performer, he can relax a little and provide some background music for your dinner, restaurant, wedding or corporate event, or to fill the time between acts. The ukulele can not only give happy and upbeat tunes, but other variations of the instrument allow for a lower and more classical guitar style playing.

Matthew can also, like with the bass above, play in your band should you be a ukulele player short or require some ukulele for a particular reason!

To book, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Ukulele Lessons (Coming Soon)

A lot of ukulele teachers are actually guitar tutors who have picked up the uke later and treat it as a guitar. The benefit of having lessons from Matthew is that he has grown up with the instrument and knows the best way to bring the ukulele to life! He will take on beginners and guide them to becoming fully established players, or he can provide lessons for people who are capable of more elaborate techniques! There is always a challenge for everyone!

All lessons will follow a structured course put together by Matthew

Bands (Coming Soon)

Matthew is preparing a number of different bands that will be available for performance within the year

Jazz/swing band
Rock ‘n’ Roll band
Acoustic Ensemble

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