14th March                      Farnborough Sixth Form College Music Scholar’s Concert

31st March                       Private Function

7th April                           Open Mic at the Prince, Crowthorne

12th April                           Open Mic at the Royal Oak, Bracknell

16th May                          Farnborough Sixth Form College Music Scholar’s Concert

8th June                           D Day 75th Anniversary Celebration, Arborfield

28th June                         Ascot Ukuleles Workshop

29th June                         Windsor Ukulele Festival

29th June                         Private Function

29th June                         Farnborough Sixth Form Dinner Dance

5th July                             Unknown

SUMMER TOUR 11TH JULY – SATURDAY 3RD AUGUST: More dates to be announced soon

11th July                                   LIVE Horse and Groom, Banbury

14th July                                  Private Function

15th – 19th July                       West Wales

20th July                                  Liverpool – Private Function

21st July                                   Liverpool – Private Function

26th July                                  Private Function, Shrewsbury

26th July                                   Quirky Old Chapel

27th July                                   Shrewkfest


8th September                       1940’s Day at Mizens Railway

15th September                     Sussex Ukulele Festival


7th and 8th March                Bracklesham Ukulele Weekend – Shanklin

Please click the links for more information like timings. Some links to private functions are only accessible to those who are involved with the event. Otherwise all links give details of the who, what, where and when of every gig. Listings with no links means information is coming soon.
If you with to make a booking but have seen that there is already a performance advertised on that day, please still feel free to make contact anyway because gigs do not last the entire day and it may be possible to fit two or more performances in on one day.

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