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Matthew can be booked for a variety of different events like parties, functions, weddings, fayres, pubs – the list is endless! Available local to Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire but willing to travel further afield. 45 minutes away from London. Has performed in Shrewsbury, Swindon, Blackpool and Isle of Wight.

Matthew is now taking bookings for his Summer Tour 2019 across the UK. Please get in touch for dates from July 12th – August 3rd.

Because of the act’s broad appeal, Matthew can provide a variety of different services or packages. Of course each booking is open for negotiation but below are some basic details on what Matthew can offer to you.

At all bookings, Matthew will bring his own PA system and all the other essential items items so the only thing he will require from you is access to electricity and a designated performance area. It is easiest for all if the set up is done before the audience arrive or take their seats but if this is impossible then that is not a problem as the whole set-up is designed to be discrete and as efficient to install as possible.

Solo or Band

Every booking is available as a solo or band act. The line-up can depend on factors such as budget, physical space or suitability for the event in particular. The solo act is more relaxed and personal and is best for small and intimate spaces likes home parties or  and just features Matthew on his own.
The band is loud enough to fill a larger space or where there are a lot of people. A more energetic atmosphere can be created with the inclusion of our 2 (Matthew and keyboard), 3 (addition of drums), 4 (addition of bass)  or (addition of saxophone) piece band.

Public or Private Event Appearances
“Extended performances where you can expect an entertaining showcase some of the highlights of Matthew’s repertoire.”

This package is the most common format for private hire or for public short single-set appearances. Matthew can feature amongst a variety show or festival or can appear at a party (birthday, Christmas, anniversary) or function. A usual slot takes half an hour as well as half an hour to set up and pack away either side of the performance if he is providing his own PA. Matthew brings his own discrete but powerful speakers for this usage.

Matthew Quilliam LIVE Gigs
“An entire evening of Matthew open for public attendance. The best way to see Matthew: uninterrupted!”

These gigs are usually a 2 45-minute act structure with a half hour break. Matthew requires at least an hour  to set up his own full PA including speakers and microphones and will require more time if the band are present. This format best applies to pubs or restaurants, clubs and theatres.

Specialised Performances
“For certain events  it is appropriate for Matthew to theme or specialize his music. For examples, for WW2 events he can pay tribute to George Formby and similar artists  exclusively, or get your audience dancing for a night of 50’s rock and roll or 80’s pop!”

As the quote says, Matthew can theme his performances in the format of both his LIVE gigs and his public or private event appearances. Please specify upon booking to see what can be done for you. Specialising will no add to booking costs unless additional costumes or props are to be bought.

Specialisms include:

  • Wartime music with an emphasis on George Formby
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Band, with a little swing, rhythm & blues and jazz. Can also include early Beatles if desired
  • Dixieland Jazz Band, with some
  • Acoustic Band: acoustic covers or instrumental pieces by guitars and ukuleles
  • 80s Band with an emphasis on ska and famous hits
  • *NEW* Dixieland Jazz Band

Instrumental or Theory Tuition
“High quality, affordable and enjoyable ukulele tuition from a semi-professional player who has grown up studying the instrument”

While Matthew offers one-to-one tuition, he can also be booked to give group visits or workshops. Sometimes it is nice for a ukulele ensemble to receive some constructive outsider feedback on how to improve and perhaps even introduce some new approaches and directions of the band to take. Most ukulele festivals run workshops and Matthew can give his own on George Formby style, advanced playing, beginning tips, music theory and more. He could even visit your ukulele group to give a workshop! Contact for more details.
*NEW* Matthew is now also available for music theory tuition, ranging from grade 1 – 5.
*NEW* Matthew is now also available for bass guitar tuition, ranging from beginner to intermediate.