Matthew is available to give ukulele lessons! Whether you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, or you have been playing for a long while and would like to try something new, Matthew can point you in the right direction in his tuition sessions which promise great fun and value.

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  • High quality, affordable and enjoyable ukulele tuition from a semi-professional player who has grown up studying the instrument
  • Learn to play a ukulele of any size or type including baritone and banjo-ukulele
  • Lessons can be one to one or for your ukulele group. Exams available in both scenarios or you may prefer informal tuition tailored to what you want to learn
  • I teach at your place or in my home music studio in Yateley. You will be immersed in a musical environment that will put you in the mind-set to learn and achieve


Lesson plan:
Half an hour £12
Hour £20
+travel costs for home visits

Lessons will consist of a short warm-up task relevant to the main focus of each lesson. Pupils have the chance to and are encouraged to listen, try for themselves, understand the theory behind what they are doing and can take resources with them.

Lessons can be:

  • One to one or ensemble based
  • Beginner or advanced levels of playing
  • Focused on a particular specialist study area or a broad mixture of all styles
  • Weekly or fortnightly

Why Matthew?

A lot of ukulele teachers around are guitar teachers at heart. This means that they sometimes approach the ukulele from the perspective of a guitar player, without understanding the key differences between the two instruments. Having never played a guitar, Matthew can show you the correct way to play the ukulele which he has grown up with for the past 6 years.

Matthew is highly experienced in teaching, having run his school ukulele group for several years, in addition to his current line-up of private students. He does not disguise the demand for frequent practice outside of lesson time, but he goes to great lengths to ensure that his students learn new things and make progress every single lesson.

The lessons will include music theory, chords and scales, help with singing and performance, exercises to strengthen your hand muscles as well as any particular songs you would like to learn as well in addition to basic and essential ukulele technique. At the end of every lesson Matthew can send you a detailed email and report as a reminder of what was covered in the lesson and what can be done to improve for next time.

Bass and Theory

Matthew is now available to teach music theory up to grade 5 standard and bass guitar to an intermediate standard. Lesson plans and details above still apply.

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To make a booking or to ask questions, call 07543 263750 or click here to send an email!